Nighttime economy in full swing in Binhai

(| Updated : 2022-08-01

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Binhai Cultural Center in North China's Tianjin has extended the business hours of its public venues and rolled out a wide range of cultural services and activities to further promote the development of the nighttime economy.

Located in the central place of Binhai New Area with an area of 120,000 square meters, the center consists of a library, a science and technology museum, an art museum, the center for the performing arts, a public fitness center and a cultural corridor.

It has annually received over five million visits on average and provided about two million people with cultural services since it was opened in 2017.

This year, the center has launched  Art & Interesting Park (the second season), allowing the public to taste delicious and popular food, take part in cultural and entertainment activities, and enjoy open-air arts. 


In addition, music fans have been invited to hold concert.   

"One of the highlights of the Binhai Art & Interesting Park is the recently popular car boot sales," said Zhao Qian, head of the Department of Investment Promotion in Binhai Cultural Center Investment Management Co., Ltd. She added that the introduction of car boot sales has fundamentally transformed the park into a popular destination and enabled the public to discover more novel things around them at night.