Binhai sees 28 million cross-border e-commerce import and export orders in 2021

(| Updated : 2022-02-21

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In 2021, Binhai New Area saw 28.48 million cross-border e-commerce import and export orders, with a total value of 6.87 billion yuan($1.08 billion), according to local commerce and investment authorities.

Behind this remarkable growth lies the innovative measures and trials taken by the coastal area.

Last year, demonstrative zones were established to extend the border of cross-border e-commerce and serve as examples for other areas.

Now relevant parks and bases have been expanding with more and more players and providers seeking to join.

To boost logistics, the local government has vigorously promoted the construction of bonded and public warehouses, as well as their intelligent upgrading.

They are also encouraged to explore new formats and new retail models of "offline display + online transaction". Tianjin's first cross-border e-commerce offline exhibition experience center has launched a trial operation in the bonded area. It is aimed at showcasing commodities from more members covering RCEP.


This year, the local government will continue to improve infrastructure, promote industrial park clusters, and boost cross-border e-commerce commodity categories.

It will further advance services by holding regular meetings with players and deepen connections of platforms with manufacturing enterprises as well as provide trainings and other activities.