Updated : 2022-02-17

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Cuizhuang winter jujube

Cuizhaung is a village in Taiping Town in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The village is renowned for its winter jujubes. 

Tianjin South American white shrimp

South American white shrimp has a thin shell, high meat content and rich nutrients. It is one of the most widely cultivated fine varieties in the world. It is native to South America and was first introduced into China in 1988. It has now become one of the main varieties of freshwater aquaculture in Tianjin.

Yangjiabo Chinese white shrimp

Yangjiabo Chinese white shrimp is native to Yangjiabo in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The weight of Yangjiabo Chinese white shrimp is between 30 g to 50 g. The braised prawn made with Yangjiabo Chinese white shrimp is a classic delicacy. 

Chadian grapes

Chadian in Tianjin Binhai New Area is the ideal place for growing grapes. The unique geographical conditions and the natural environment have been fully utilized by people in Hangu, coupled with scientific planting techniques.

Beitang seafood

Beitang seafood has a history of hundreds of years. The seafood and river products are clean and fresh due to the superior geographical advantages of Beitang. The improved cooking methods have made Beitang seafood much more tasty. 

Beitang shrimp paste

Beitang shrimp paste is a traditional local delicacy originated in the Qing Dynasty. It is made of quality shrimps in Beitang and contains a wealth of protein, amino acids, calcium, iodine, scales and other essential trace elements.