Intelligent, livable Binhai gaining shape

(| Updated : 2021-05-21

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Zero Energy Building [Photo provided to]

Tianjin's coastal Binhai New Area is deploying intelligent technologies in shaping ecological, livable and smart areas.

In its communities, residents are no strangers to smart technologies that enable their intelligent and convenient community management and services.

The New Area's Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, a flagship inter-government project between China and Singapore meant to enhance resource-conservation and eco-friendly and livable city building, has introduced a “city brain” project.

It significantly improves urban management with a big data base. Since put into operation in May 2019, it has gathered and processed nearly 1.2 billion pieces of data from 19 departments including construction, environment, and urban management.

This year, the eco-city plans to introduce CIM, a three-dimensional urban space model, as a decision-making reference for better management and services.

At the operation platform for urban planning and operation, every structure as small as a street light on the side of the road can be displayed.

Panda-shaped smart buses in Binhai.jpg

Smart bus [Photo provided to]

In addition, the real-time location of buses, the vacant spaces in the parking lot, distribution of smart fire hydrants, smart elevators and other facilities, and the handling of various urban governance issues and incidents can also be retrieved on the system at any time.

And an information platform for whole-process solid waste management is planned by Eco-City to promote a waste-free city.

The platform can record waste generated every day by every resident, community and company, noting how effective the sorting is, the transportation route of the waste, and its final disposal and utilization.

The area's Tianjin Port, an important shipping hub in north China, has been continuously upgrading itself into a smart port. It has introduced a variety of technological innovations to bolster efficiency.

Giving full play to intelligent technologies, the port has built a world-leading automated container facility, with intelligent tallying being realized for all terminals for the first time.


City Brain project in Binhai [Photo provided to]

The development and pilot operation of 25 intelligent self-driving trucks at the port have helped Tianjin port to greatly increase efficiency and cut operational costs

Binhai's efforts to create an attractive industry and production environment are just as strong. Innovation-driven companies are growing robustly with abundant and increasing talents, financing institutions and industries.

The industries and talents continuously flowing into Binhai have bolstered each other's further development in the area, which in turn has boosted smart city construction.