Nankai University, Binhai join hands for innovation-driven growth

(| Updated : 2021-05-14

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Nankai University holds a meeting to discuss over the establishment of its Binhai campus in Tianjin on March 31. [Photo provided to exploring]

China's prestigious Nankai University signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Tianjin's Binhai New Area to boost scientific and technological innovation following a meeting held on March 31.

The two parties will embark on an overall development plan for the construction of the Binhai campus of Nankai University, with an eye on the new area's demands and the disciplinary advantages of the high-learning institution.

To coincide with the beginning year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), Tianjin is accelerating transition of the Binhai into a sub-center of the city. With greater supportive capabilities to Tianjin's downtown, the area is committed to help create a hub in North China that serves the new dual-circulation development pattern in which domestic and foreign markets reinforce one another.

According to the meeting, efforts will be made to build a high-caliber teaching staff, to develop better academic disciplines, to cultivate talents and to promote technological innovation and achievement transformation.

"Nankai attaches great importance to the opportunity, and has launched a construction headquarters to guide relevant work," said Xu Jingjun, executive vice president of the university.

Based on preparatory work, the meeting made decisions about the layout of the campus design, subject construction, land acquisition, infrastructure planning and financial management.

All departments were encouraged to fulfill their obligations to ensure the progress of the project.