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Updated : 2019-06-14

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Binhai New Area will sharpen its competitiveness of three preponderant industries -- mobile communication, new component, digital audio-visual system, promote the four potential industries -- high performance computer servers, integrated circuits, embedded electronics and software and foster six strategic emerging industries -- Internet of things, cloud computing, information security, artificial intelligence, optoelectronics and OLED display devices.

It will also focus on the development and industrialization of new generation mobile communication technology, wireless IoT technology, broadband wireless access system, and terminal and core chips with independent intellectual property rights. 

Binhai New Area will spare no efforts to support 3G internet and content-oriented service industry, speed up the construction of the cloud computing infrastructure facilities and platforms, build a complete industrial chain involving distributed storage, cloud platform management software, middleware, cloud terminal and cloud security, and center on the potential fields including the components for high-end electronic products such as terminal and equipment of mobile communication , digital audio and video equipment, IPTV network and multimedia mobile terminal products, and integrated circuits and general chip products, information security software, industrial software, industry application software, content services, animation and video games, and information security.


Binhai New Area will build a state-of-the-art industrial base for the new-generation of information technology and develop into a leading industrial base for communication device in China. The output value of electronic information industry is expected to reach 550 billion yuan ($87.35 billion) by 2020, accounting for 13 percent of Binhai’s total. The output of each square kilometer is expected to go up to 12 billion yuan.