Equipment manufacturing

Updated : 2019-06-14

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Equipment manufacturing: 

Binhai New Area will develop large petroleum and petrochemical equipment, rail transportation equipment, equipment for energy saving and environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, shipbuilding and marine engineering equipment, large engineering machinery, complete sets of wind power equipment, hydropower equipment, nuclear power equipment, ultra-high voltage transmission and port machinery.

It will also center on the development of power system, transmission system and control system with large power and high technology and their key parts and components. Other key industries include the numerical control machines, automatic control system, frequency conversion system for wind power equipment, a new-type of jack-up drilling platform and deep-water semi-submersible drilling platform.


Binhai New Area will speed up the development of commercial vehicles, special vehicles and high and medium-end buses and heavy-duty trucks, especially focusing on electric buses and further expanding the production domain and scale of vehicle, relying on high-end automobile manufacturer such as FAW Toyota and Great Wall Motor. It will attract more investment in fields including automotive electronics, automobile engines, gearboxes, radial tires, chassis, body, and standard parts and components; improve the general added-value of the industry; explore the market for parts and components for export and maintenance parts market, and maintenance parts market, and actively develop automobile display and sales, maintenance and maintenance, auto finance, automobile logistics, automobile trade, car amusement and other fields.

Modern Metallurgy:

The New Area will constantly adjust and optimize the product structure and focus on the development of seamless steel tubes, high-end boards and metal products with deep processing and high added value and market shortage. A group of key technologies, the research and development, production of high-end products and applied technologies will be worked out. Binhai New Area will also accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity and upgrade the products and technique, and make its seamless steel tubes capable of holding a leading position in the world, and the key high-end metal products to be a domestic leader and some sector of the industry to remain at international advanced level.


Binhai New Area will build a national production base for heavy equipment and production base for special equipment and parts. It will also develop itself into a key domestic car production base, a high-end auto part production base and a key R & D and production base for new energy vehicles in China, as well as a state-level production base for high-grade metal products.

By 2020, the output value of equipment manufacturing is expected to reach 1.3 trillion yuan ($206.67 billion), accounting for 31 percent of Binhai’s total. Among them, the equipment manufacturing, automobile and modern metallurgy will reach 550, 450 and 300 billion yuan and the output value of each square kilometer will go up to 8, 11 and 10 billion yuan respectively.