New energy and new material industry

Updated : 2019-06-14

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New energy:

Binhai New Area will focus on the manufacturing of wind power, environmental friendly battery, solar photovoltaic and LED products. In the wind power field, the research and development of 2.5MW or above onshore wind turbines, 3.5 MW or above offshore wind turbine, blade, control system generator, converter, and gearbox will be prioritized.

It will promote research on short time energy storage technology of large grid connected generator sets and support the development of testing, certification, technology trading, product design as well as construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms. 

Superhigh specific energy lithium ion batteries, Ni MH batteries, lead-acid batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors and liquid flow batteries, high-power mobile battery supply and fixed energy storage batteries for wind power, photovoltaic power generation, smart grid, standby power supply lights will be the key areas of priority in the green secondary battery industry.

As for the solar photovoltaic industry, Binhai New Area will focus on high efficiency crystalline silicon solar battery, support the development of thin film battery, photovoltaic cells, BIPV system integration, inverter production, low voltage grid-connected roof power plant demonstration projects; encourage consulting and design, installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic projects, industrialization of photovoltaic system integration equipment; and attract and foster equipment manufacturers in solar photovoltaic battery industry. 

The New Area will also center on new substrate LED materials, high luminance LED epitaxial films and chips, white light LED packaging products, LED lighting products and systems.

New materials: 

Binhai will actively develop the technology of special functional materials and green chemical materials, such as special plastics and special polymer materials. The areas of priority in new material industry also include silicon materials, light-emitting diode materials, optoelectronic materials, lithium batteries positive and negative electrode material, non silicon thin film, amorphous GaAs; aviation aerospace special materials, nano materials, advanced composite materials, advanced metal materials, biomedical materials and new textile materials.


Binhai New Area plans to develop into an important green energy research, development and production base and the largest wind power equipment manufacturing base in China, an international center for wind power industry, photovoltaic manufacturing and green battery, and an important new material research and production base of new materials.

By 2020, the output value of the industry is expected to reach 340 billion yuan ($54 billion), accounting for 8 percent of Binhai’s total industrial output value. Among them, the output value of new energy and new materials will be 280 and 60 billion yuan, respectively. The output of each kilometer of new energy and new material industry is expected to reach 10 billion yuan and 7 billion yuan.