Financial Industry

Updated : 2019-06-14

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Development Priorities

First, Binhai New Area deepens the reform of the investment and financing system, expands the direct financing scale through multiple channels and establishes piloting industrial investment funds and renminbi funds that meet the requirements of industrial development. Binhai New Area carries out pilot REITS projects and enhances international direct investment and financing service platform functions. Binhai New Area develops securities and futures industry, supports the development of Tianjin Equity Exchange, and helps Tianjin Property Rights Exchange and the Northern Property Rights Exchange increase trading varieties.

Second, Binhai New Area carries out pilot projects of integrated management, improves financial services, improves the insurance reform in Tianjin Binhai New Area, explores the integrated financial operation of financial holding companies, and strives for pilot comprehensive banking projects and pushes forward pilot comprehensive emissions trading.

Third, Binhai New Area integrates and establishes new financial institutions, improves the system of financial institutions, deepens rural financial reform, solves financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, supports the establishment and introduction of legal person institutions, and develops the guarantee business and various financial businesses.

Fourth, Binhai New Area pushes forward pilot reform of foreign exchange management, explores offshore financial services, conducts cross-border RMB settlements and overseas RMB investment pilot projects and sets up money brokerage firms.

Fifth, Binhai New Area sets up the preliminary preparations for Tianjin OTC in Binhai New Area and gradually improves the multi-level capital market.

Sixth, Binhai New Area improves the financial development environment, enhances the level of financial services, strengthens financial supervision, develops credit services and commercial arbitration, improves financial education and plans the construction of financial service areas.

Development Goals

Binhai New Area will build a modern financial system compatible with the northern economic center and a national financial reform and innovation base in accordance with the overall requirements of Tianjin Binhai New Area Pilot Program of Supporting Reform Experimental Finance Innovation approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.