Binhai releases document on promoting the construction of a healthy new area

Updated : 2018-03-05

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According to the Binhai New Area health and health work conference, the “Opinions on Promoting a Healthy Binhai” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”) has been officially released. The Opinions set out the overall goals to be achieved by 2020 and 2030 and indicated specific tasks from five aspects of healthy living, health services, health security, health environment and health industry, respectively.

The overall goal is to establish a relatively robust health care system, with life expectancy per capita reaching 82.2 years and major health indicators remaining at the level of developed countries by 2020. By 2030, the public health level should rise remarkably, with life expectancy per capital climbing up to 82.9 years and a significant improvement in health service support capacity, health environment and health industry. 

The major tasks include popularizing a healthy life style, strengthening public health services that reach everyone, offering high-quality, efficient medical services, deepening the reform of public hospitals, exploring the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine, developing high-level, wide-coverage health security, promoting the development of multi-level medical security system, expanding coverage, optimizing the drug supply guarantee system and ensuring food and drug safety. Moreover, the tasks also involve implementing the project of cleaning ecological environment, enhancing air pollution control, pushing for water pollution control, speeding up the development of a safe Tianjin, reducing the death toll of all kinds of accidents, introducing a new health service industry, promoting the pharmaceutical industry, improving urban health infrastructure, expediting the transformation of government functions, enhancing health informatization, reinforcing scientific innovation in health, building up the health talent team and including the major health indicators into the performance review system.