Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone attracts talents in eight categories

Updated : 2018-01-12

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Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone (TJFTZ) and Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (TJPFTZ) will attract talent and excellent teams from home and abroad with one billion yuan of special talent funds, according to the two policy measures recently launched by TJFTZ.

Funding support will be provided on the introduction of talents, personnel training, innovation and entrepreneurship, platform construction and service support. Top talents, leading talents and senior management personnel will be covered with financial support. Industries including aerospace, high-end equipment and smart manufacturing, financial insurance, biomedicine and electronic information will enjoy developmental priorities. 

Top teams and projects will receive up to 50 million yuan of funding and top talents will receive up to 6 million yuan of scientific research funding. Enterprises in TJFTZ and TJPFTZ are encouraged to actively introduce talents and experts from around the world to help speed up the economy and science of Tianjin.

TJFTZ and TJPFTZ aims to introduce 100,000 talents in the region in the next three years. Among them, there should be 20 academicians (including flexible introduction), 150 State Council Special Allowance Experts, "Thousand Talents Program" experts, as well as experts who have won science and technology awards at the national and provincial levels. There should also be 20,000 high-level talents. At the same time, TJFTZ and TJPFTZ will strengthen the building of scientific research platforms for talents and the establishment of an expert platform of more than 150 academic workplaces, postdoctoral workstations, key laboratories, engineering centers and technology centers, as well as 20 incubators and innovation centers. Housing and accommodation subsidies will also be provided to ensure the worry-free living of talents in the area. 

The two policy measures are effective from Jan 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2020.