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Dong’erying town: to promote rural vitalization with selenium


Updated: 2022-11-29

Dong’erying town has been carrying forward the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, giving full play to the regional resource advantages in selenium in local development. By promoting its unique selenium-rich agricultural products, Jizhou district has been focusing on the construction of the most influential ecological selenium-rich characteristic town, so as to promote rural vitalization in the region.

Recently, in the demonstration base of selenium-rich agricultural products of Dong’erying town, the winter wheat sown this autumn has sprouted and is growing well. The staff of the town and village went into the fields to check the growth status of wheat seedlings and to prepare for the safe overwintering of selenium-rich winter wheat.


Staff of the town and village went into the fields to check the growth status of wheat seedlings [Photo/WeChat account: zhangshangjizhou]

According to Yang Xiaohui, the staff of the Agricultural Development Service Center of Dong'erying town, there is 11,000 mu of selenium-rich land in the area. At present, the town has introduced purple wheat and blue wheat, which are rich in trivalent chromium, magnesium, zinc and other trace elements. Therefore, the nutritional value of these two kinds of wheat is higher than that of ordinary wheat, which also brings higher economic benefits to the villagers.

In October this year, the Geological Society of China announced the second batch of 30 natural selenium-rich land plots in China. The natural selenium-rich land plots in Dong'erying town featured on the list, becoming the first green selenium-rich land plots recognized in Tianjin. Focusing on industrial prosperity, Dong'erying town has actively explored the advantages of its selenium resources, insisted on brand leading development, established a regional brand of selenium, strengthened packaging design, publicity and promotion, and brand building, and created a "selenium-rich industry exhibition base".

The town has built a 100 mu selenium-rich agricultural product demonstration base planting wheat, corn, sweet potato and other selenium-rich demonstration varieties, established the quality and safety tracing system of selenium-rich products in Dong'erying town, so as to promote the high-quality development of the selenium-rich industry. At the same time, the town also strengthened the investment attraction of the industrial chain, introducing a number of agricultural product planting and processing enterprises to extend the selenium-rich industrial chain, further enhance the added value of the selenium-rich industry, improve selenium-rich agricultural products, and spare no effort to build a bridge for the revitalization of the selenium-rich industry in rural areas.

You Xueshan, secretary of the CPC Dong’erying town committee, said that Dong'erying town will continue to make full use of the selenium-rich land; vigorously attract a number of leading agricultural and special products enterprises; build a number of selenium-rich agricultural and sideline products processing plants, fresh-keeping warehouses, and product testing centers; gradually establish a selenium-rich whole industrial chain cluster based on the planting and breeding of agricultural products, and strive to build the most influential ecological selenium-rich featured town in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

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