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Xiamen welcomes annual animation industry gathering

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 26, 2023 L M S

Xiamen, known for its flourishing animation industry, hosted the 2nd Annual Animation Industry Conference from May 24 to 25. The conference was a prominent part of the 2023 15th Xiamen International Animation Festival. It was jointly orchestrated by the Xiamen Municipal People's Government and the China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association.

With the overall theme of "Focus, Convergence, Synergy", the event aimed to stimulate the continued growth and expansion of the animation sector, reinforce content copyright protection, and facilitate resource integration across different domains.

Xiamen has established itself as a hub for the animation industry, strategically capitalizing on the immense potential of this lucrative market. The city's primary animation businesses and affiliated derivative sectors have generated revenues exceeding 10 billion yuan ($1.41 billion). This bustling landscape has given rise to numerous high-profile companies, including 4399 and Gigabit, esteemed for their outstanding works that have achieved both popularity and critical acclaim. In recent years, teams based in Xiamen have made significant contributions to renowned productions such as Ne Zha, The Mad Monk, and Blades of the Guardians.

One of the most notable highlights of the conference was the official launch of the "Digital IP Services" platform. This platform aims to bridge the animation industry with various sectors, including commerce, cultural tourism, and education, by integrating digital intellectual property from fields such as entertainment, publishing, and cultural and artistic innovation. By offering a comprehensive range of services spanning licensing, design, intellectual property, and education, this platform seeks to foster collaboration and innovation in the industry.

The conference program featured four professional forums, a seminar focusing on animation and game talent vocational education, the Xiamen International Animation Festival Business Conference, and the Asian Metaverse Industry Conference in Xiamen. These engaging events provided a platform for industry professionals to exchange insights, discuss trends, and explore opportunities in the rapidly evolving animation landscape.


The 2nd Annual Animation Industry Conference is held in Xiamen from May 24 to 25. [Photo/WeChat account: touzixiamen]

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