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Overview of Xiamen

Xiamen, located on the west side of the Taiwan Straits, was one of the first four Special Economic Zones in China and helped pave the way for the country to open up. As a global city with bustling ports and abundant tourism, Xiamen has emerged as the strategic fulcrum of the Maritime Silk Road.

Xiamen has been actively engaged in foreign trade since the 1860s, especially with countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Xiamen is also considered the only Special Economic Zone in the mainland that is tailored for strategic exchange and cooperation with Taiwan. The Xiamen government is striving to build the city into a popular investment destination. 

In 2020, Xiamen's per capita GDP was 142,739 yuan ($21,410.85), with a per capita disposable income of 58,140 yuan. At the time, Xiamen was already home to 2,282 high-tech enterprises. Its exports and imports totaled 691.6 billion yuan and its rate of foreign trade dependence was at 108.3 percent. 

Industrial Orientation

According to statistics collected in 2020, the tertiary sector dominates the city's economy, making up 60.1 percent of its regional GDP.

The three main industries in Xiamen are electronic information, shipping-based finance and trade, and cultural tourism.

The government has formulated policies to create three trillion-yuan-level industrial chains dealing with panel display, computer and communication equipment, semiconductor and integrated circuit, software and information service, machinery equipment, new materials, biomedicine and health, urban modern agriculture, financial service, modern logistics, cultural creativity and tourism, convention and exhibition.

Policy to promote foreign investment

Xiamen encourages foreign investors to start businesses in the city. Enterprises with yearly actual paid-in foreign capital reaching at least $10 million and meeting certain requirements will receive certain rewards.

Talent policy

Top talent, including Nobel Prize winners, academicians, and international top-class business start-up teams, can apply for up to 100 million yuan in funds for their ongoing programs.

High-level innovative personnel are entitled to receive 1 million yuan in working and living subsidies. They can also enjoy many other privileges listed among the personnel housing policies.

The Xiamen Investment Manual outlines key information about the investment climate in Xiamen in order to help you make the most informed investment decision possible.


Xiamen Investment Manual (updated on Nov 23, 2021)


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