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Xiamen holds 17th China Intl Logistics Festival

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: July 5, 2022 L M S

logistics .pngThe 17th China International Logistics Festival kicks off in Xiamen, Fujian province on June 30. [Photo/WeChat account: xiamen_swj]

On June 30, the 17th China International Logistics Festival got underway in Xiamen, Fujian province, attracting attendees from the manufacturing industry, trading companies, institutes involved in logistics, and Fortune Global 500 and domestic leading corporations. 

The opening ceremony attracted more than 30,000 viewers to the online exhibition, 300 exhibitors, and 2,700 guests to the offline venue. 

At the festival, the exhibitors showcased expert and adaptable logistics infrastructure solutions, specialized end-to-end cross-border logistics solutions, sophisticated logistics park operations, cutting-edge logistics techniques, complete one-stop services, pioneering supply chain management skills, and highly effective warehousing and sorting capacities.

At the festival, a white paper on the development of the logistics and supply chain in China was released. It highlights the successes of the Chinese logistics and supply chain and offers resources and advice for Chinese logistics and supply chain businesses looking to expand internationally. 

In order to support the wholesome growth of China's cold chain logistics, the festival also served as the launchpad for a group standard for the compilation of general specifications for cold chain logistics combining road, rail, and water intermodal transport.

Why Xiamen

  • About Xiamen

    Xiamen is one of the most economically competitive cities in China and was one of the first Special Economic Zones on the Chinese mainland. As a vice-provincial city independently listed on the State development plan, it has provincial-level authority in economic administration and local legislative power. In 2010, the Xiamen SEZ was expanded to cover the entire municipality. Today, Xiamen is a modern and international port city.

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