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ECCO Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: June 17, 2019 L M S


ECCO Xiamen is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise founded by the Danish manufacturer and footwear retailer ECCO with $29 million in June 2004 in the Chengnan Industrial Zone of Xiamen's Tongan district.

Its first plants were put into operation in early 2005. It now has 2,800 employees and produces 3.7 million pairs of shoes a year, which are all exported to international markets.

For more than a decade, ECCO Xiamen has maintained a standardized management system and steady operations, creating economic and social benefits.

The company was among the city's first enterprises to win the AEO certification (Authorized Economic Operator) from China Customs, the country's highest credit rating. It is one of the biggest tax contributors in Tongan district. 

ECCO Xiamen has earned many honors, including being one of the top 100 outstanding for-eign-owned enterprises in Fujian province, outstanding industrial enterprises of export in Xiamen, top 100 import and export enterprises in Xiamen, top 100 Xiamen enterprises, top 10 trustworthy employers in Xiamen, high-quality brand of Xiamen, and famous brand of Fujian province. The company's labour union is honored with a five-star rating by the city’s labour union.

The company pays close attention to fulfilling social responsibilities and emphasizes the de-velopment of local communities. About 78 percent of its employees come from Tongan. It also offers job opportunities for people with disabilities.

In 2012, it became the only company in Xiamen to earn the title of national advanced enter-prises of employment by the State Council.

Why Xiamen

  • About Xiamen

    Xiamen is one of the most economically competitive cities in China and was one of the first Special Economic Zones on the Chinese mainland. As a vice-provincial city independently listed on the State development plan, it has provincial-level authority in economic administration and local legislative power. In 2010, the Xiamen SEZ was expanded to cover the entire municipality. Today, Xiamen is a modern and international port city.

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