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8th Straits Forum and Straits Temple Fair to kick off

xmenglish.cn| Updated: June 8, 2016 L M S

The upcoming 8th Straits Forum will be held in Haicang Residents' Culture Square on June 11th and will include activities such as a Straits Temple Fair, a grass-roots exchange based on the key topics of "accord development and cross-Strait wellbeing" and a Straits Charity Forum.

The highlight of this year's Straits Forum is the temple fair which consists of an opening ceremony, a cross-Strait innovation product fair, a cross-Strait folk art performance and parent-child activities, all taking place between the 11th and 15th.

The temple fair has a total of 210 booths, including 170 from Taiwan providing indigenous Taiwanese food and souvenirs. Taiwanese brand "Du Xiaoyue" will be one such company to feature in the temple fair with its famous Tan-tsu Noodles. Coupons for the Straits Temple Fair food booths can be reserved from the Wechat account of "海峡论坛两岸特色庙会".

As well as the food booths, there is the newly added "Youth Cultural and Creative Industry Exhibition" that encourages more exchange activities and interaction among youth groups across the Straits, parent-child activities like the "Tourism Picture Show" and folk art performances every night from 7:00 to 8:00 PM which will give tourists a taste of Haicang's cultural customs while enjoying food.

The grass-roots exchange is due to be held in Haicang Startup Square. Out of the 500 participants, almost 100 are from Taiwan. Big name startups like Mao Daqing, the founder of Urwork and former senior vice-president of Vanke Corporation, have been invited to the forum to join in the discussion.


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