The Taiyuan government recently allocated 4 million yuan ($558,831) to pilot communities for garbage sorting.

The city requires people to sort their household trash into six categories: hazardous waste, recyclables, kitchen waste, other waste, bulky waste, and renovation garbage, according to Shi Zhongying, deputy director of the Taiyuan urban and rural administration.

Garbage sorting will be piloted in the Pingyang Jingyuan and Bindong Garden communities in Xiaodian district, as well as the Yingze and Miaoqian blocks in Yingze district.

All four communities will get rid of the unorganized trash bins at the entrances of building units. Garbage sorting bins will then be organized by third-party companies along with the residential property management companies of the communities.

The companies will also work to promote garbage sorting and teach community residents to properly sort their trash.

Pilot work in these communities is expected to be completed by Oct 1.