Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co Ltd started the R&D and manufacturing of mining equipment in 1958. It successfully produced China's first 4-cubic-meter excavator in 1961 and the world-largest 75-cubic-meter mining excavator. The company has achieved many milestones over the past decades relying on its innovation and hardwork.

Over the past six decades, Mining Equipment Subco, a subsidiary of Taiyuan Heavy Industry, has been committed to boosting innovation and improving the quality of products by adopting a high-end, intelligent and international development mode.

It has become China's largest production base for mining facilities and one of the only three enterprises across the world that have independently developed large-scale mining excavators. To date, the company has produced more than a total of 1,300 excavators, crushers and bulk conveying equipment.

Party building is a key part of an enterprise's stable and sustainable development. The Party committee of the company has strengthened the construction of honest administration and put in place regulations and rules to create a better environment.

Ma Jun, Party secretary of the company, said that building and strengthening grass-roots organizations, consolidating basic work and capabilities as well as improving enterprises' management are the vital tasks for Party building.

"We have launched a series of activities such as the assembling and utilization of inventory steel plates and tried hard to ensure the operation rate of machine tools and improve the salary.”

Boosting innovation

The company has developed well-rounded technologies relying on its rich experiences and will spare no efforts to improve the competitiveness of its products by focusing on intelligent manufacturing.

In June, 2018, the company completed the design of the intelligent control system based on its Jiangtong 20-cubic-meter excavator project.

Qiao Jianqiang, deputy director of the company's technology center, said that the project is the first and an extremely significant initiative for Taiyuan Heavy Industry's R&D and operation of intelligent excavators.

The 20-cubic-meter excavator is intelligent in operation, security control, equipment and management. Users are able to weigh each shovel of materials precisely and manage power consumption through electronic recording and transmission.

The company's intelligent facilities such as the remote control system could receive real-time data from cars, cut costs and improve efficiency.

Improving competitiveness

To advance internationalization and improve operation quality, the company has continuously strengthened the construction of innovation ability, deepened mechanism and cultivated more talented people. It has set up an international market department to select professionals from around the world.

In recent years, the mining market at China and abroad has been changing rapidly with increasing demands for rent equipment, engineering contract and anti-contracting of equipment services.

Li Hong, manager of the company, said that he is confident about the future development.

"Faced with a fast-expanding market and various situations, we will merge a new department based on the previous hydraulic crawler excavator and project department in the Tibet autonomous region, focusing on new projects and equipment. The company plans to launch a series of new businesses such as the rent services for mining facilities, anti-contracting of equipment services and quantity contracting," said Li.

The company will continue to strive for sustainable and healthy development in the process of internationalization.