Pudong shops launch special activities to celebrate Spring Festival

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-01-31

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese new year, several stores located in Pudong are organizing in-store activities to attract more customers. These activities will feature Chinese culture and history, according to a news report published on the Pudong website on Jan 30.

To further participate in the holiday atmosphere, some shops have integrated elements of Spring Festival into sales, for example, customers will receive a red packet if a certain amount of products are purchased. Customers can also buy handicrafts that have been hand-made by Chinese artists.

Stores are also selling a wide range of products which symbolize Shanghai culture, such as Chinese knots, sachets, paintings with melted sugar, straw weaving, masks used in operas, paper cuttings and lanterns.

In some shopping areas, various shows have been organized for the public to enjoy, such as lion dancing which is a traditional performance put on to celebrate Chinese new year. Other performances include folk music, mask changing, acrobatics and sleeve dancing.

Artists in the city have similarly tried to put Shanghai's unique way of celebrating the Spring Festival on display by putting on exhibitions and playing instruments.

Additionally, chefs will demonstrate the process of making Tangyuan (sweet dumpling), Spring roll (a thin sheet of dough rolled, stuffed and fried) and fried dumplings, all of which are traditional foods of Shanghai. 


Paintings made with melted sugar. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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