Experts foresee the future of AI at a forum

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-01-30


The ASPARA Intelligence Forum is held at the Alibaba Innovation Center. [Photo/sohu.com]

The ASPARA Intelligence Forum was held at the Alibaba Innovation Center on Jan 23, where experts discussed issues on the industrialization of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Experts agreed that AI has been industrialized and its expansion has been driven by the rapid development of modern technologies.

The industrialization of AI means that the combination of the traditional industry with AI to form a large-scale and economically effective AI application will become more and more common in the future.

Since the second half of 2017, China has quickened its steps in developing the AI industry. In July, 2017, the State Council released an AI development plan catered towards a new era and strategic goals were put forward.

According to the plan, by 2020, AI technology will have reached an elevated level. By 2025, AI will become the main engine propelling the upgrade of industries and economic transformation forward. By 2030, China will develop into the world's innovation center of AI.

Qin Binjie, senior expert at Alibaba, said that AI technology has been advancing very quickly. He stated that this has been accomplished by an ever optimized arithmetic, a great capacity of schematized data and a dedicated computing power.

At present, the Alibaba's applications cover several functions, including voice messaging, facial recognition and natural language processing. Furthermore, the scope of its functions has been enlarged; for example quality of products can be now assessed by the advanced recognition technology.

In addition, Alibaba has created a communication platform for Chinese enterprises to share information and the platform has attracted over 100 million users.

The Alibaba Innovation Center covers a range of fields, such as communication technology, software development and law service related to the Internet. Now, nearly 27 enterprises have settled into the center.

At the forum, experts expressed their ideas about the future of AI development and one of the experts foresaw that in the future it would be possible for the growth of the Internet to be boosted by AI.

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