Zhangjiang promotes 'science city' among universities


Zhangjiang Science City has devised a set of plans to support talents and enterprises according to a news report published on Pudong's website on Jan 29. 

In order to allow more people to know about the proposal, Zhangjiang has invited professors and students from several universities. Meanwhile, they also got a better understanding of the development course and scientific planning of Zhangjiang and discussed the future development of Zhangjiang Science City.

The participants of this activity are from China's top universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai University and Chongqing University.

Zhang Bin, in charge of Shanghai Alumni Association of Chongqing University said that Zhangjiang has been developing rapidly in science and technology and Zhangjiang pays great attention to entrepreneurship and innovation.

The event will be held regularly to allow scholars to have more opportunities in sharing their knowledge and expertise of information technology, intelligent manufacturing, biological medicine, new materials and cultural innovation.

Chen Chaofeng, one of Shanghai Alumni from Association of Northwestern Polytechnical University said that universities are an important source propelling innovation. And the activity is meaningful in creating a link between the universities.

Zhangjiang will provide services for universities in six main areas, namely, to support talents to start a new business, offer incubation spaces, to hold more activities to benefit the development of universities, to support more talents to do research in Zhangjiang, to facilitate financing and investment, to support universities to establish innovation centers in Zhangjiang to show its research product, to create more opportunities for the enterprises to collaborate globally.

Liu Jian, vice-president of Shanghai Alumni Association of Peking University thought highly of Zhangjiang's initiative to support universities and said that it will make it easier for talents to start a new business. 

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Scholars from various universities come to Zhangjiang for a visit. [Photo/ city.eastday.com]

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