Pudong obtains several National Science & Technology Awards

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-01-10

The 2017 National Science & Technology Awards was announced on Jan 8, where Pudong's scientific inventions stood out.

Altogether 271 projects and nine scientific experts were granted with the national award, among which 58 were projects undertaken by Shanghai.

The inventions were granted the awards because they play a crucial role in advancing the progress of China's national strategy. For example, one of the winning projects, China's 1.1 new medicine brings benefit to the public welfare and has improved the living standard of the public.

Moreover, Antofloxacin Hydrochloride, a medicine developed by Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of Chinese Academy of Sciences won the second prize of State Technological Invention Award. Due to it being able to effectively cure diseases without producing toxic substances, it was thought of as a vital breakthrough. At present, the medicine has been applied in more than 150 medical institutes benefitting over one million people.

The covered stent for the aorta, invented by MicroPort Scientific Corporation won the second prize of Nation Award for Science and Technology Progress. The importance of this technology is that it has overcome several technical difficulties of producing and applying high-quality materials of ultrathin tectoria. The success has made China the second country ever to have succeeded in producing the material of covered stent. And now the research team has accumulated rich experience in producing the products which have now been industrialized.

The complete flow scheme of producing Methanol To Olefin created by Sinopec Corporation obtained the first prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress. The technology is important in that it has changed the situation where China relies heavily on petroleum for industry development.

In addition, technologies in coal chemical industry and hybrid electric vehicle also made breakthroughs and it holds a lead in the international competition.


Yang Yushe is awarded the second prize of State Technological Invention Award for developing Antofloxacin Hydrochloride. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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