Siasun Robot & Automation company sets base in Lingang

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-01-10

Siasun Robot & Automation company has set an industry base in Lingang which has now come into operation, according to a news report published on the WeChat of Shanghai Pudong.

Following the establishment of the industry base, a research institute focused on developing robots and artificial intelligence has also been established in the area to boost Siasun's research and development.

Siasun's industry base is located at Jinqiao Lingang Comprehensive Area and occupies a land of 200 mu (0.13 square kilometer). Its operation is highly automatic and it is also a platform of information sharing, while it propels the development of artificial intelligence.

The base is mainly used for pilot testing and manufacturing of intelligent robots and key assembly units. The robots vary in functions, for example some robots can be used for carrying and some can use both arms flexibly for doing work.

Meanwhile, an automatic production line was created to make the production of the intelligent robots more efficient.

Besides, the base also offers a series of solution plans and does a series of work including improving the efficiency of production, researching on the production process, designing and assembling its robots.

Qu Daokui, president of Siasun Robot & Automation company said that Shanghai boasts a favorable industry foundation, educational resources, financial institutes, and a big platform for cooperating with foreign companies. These factors are beneficial for the future development of Siasun, especially for the company to go global.

The company has completed a series of researches on developing the robots, including using two hands to do work, moving the two hands, using the hands to carry heavy objects, playing Pingpong. Moreover, the company has succeeded in combining artificial intelligence with augmented reality.

The Siasun robot is a good application of artificial intelligence and its research products will help Lingang to form a more integrated industry chain. 


Siasun Robot & Automation company sets an industry base in Lingang. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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