Pudong publishes the 13th Five-Year Plan to enhance living standard


Pudong has published the 13th Five-Year Plan for ecological protection, where Pudong set a few goals in ten primary aspects including afforestation and water resources, according to a news report published on Pudong website on Jan 4.

As for the afforestation, Pudong aims to create a multifunctional ecological space. Towards 2020, forest of 50,000 mu (33 kilometers) will be built, green belt of 2,400 hectare (24 kilometers) will be added and the forest coverage will reach 18 percent.

Pudong will also make efforts to deal with water pollution, increasing the irrigation area, and promoting the idea of saving more water.

In addition, Pudong will try to improve the air quality. For example, the annual PM 2.5 will be kept within 42 microgram per cubic meter and the monthly quantity of the dust fall be controlled within 5 tons per kilometer.

To ensure a quiet living environment, Pudong will strictly control the noise pollution. To be specific, Pudong will set the volume of traffic noise at 70 decibel in the morning and 55 decibel at night.

Pudong will step up the monitoring, management and evaluation of the soil pollution and improve the system including resource integration, information sharing and so on.

Pudong will set up an Internet-based scientific monitoring system which will manage the wetland of the entire district.

In addition, Pudong will properly deal with solid waste so that it will not harm the environment. For example, it will promote the idea of classifying the rubbishes and quicken the establishment of infrastructures of waste incineration so that the resources can be properly dealt with.

Next, Pudong will maintain the roads to guarantee safe traffic or renovate the roads into tracks so that the public can do exercises to keep fit.  

Pudong will also spare no efforts in improving the public facilities, for example more natural gas pipelines will be fixed, the provision of electricity will be increased, and more street lamps will be set in order to ensure road safety.

Last but not least, Pudong will make full use of the Internet technology to increase working efficiency, such as daily monitoring and control, information release, city planning, and measures against emergencies. 

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Pudong is aiming to beautify its environment. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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