Zhangjiang, eBay look for China's next big data stars


A total of 11 teams competed in the final of a big data innovation competition in Shanghai's Zhangjiang High Tech Park on Aug 31.

The competition, launched by the eBay-Huoju Big Data Innovation Center, started in July. It was aimed at discovering talented and innovative start-up teams in the big data, cloud computing, augmented reality, and virtual reality spaces.

After fierce competition, the smart robot project of Yuwen Internet Technology Co won the championship and was awarded with $10,000 cash and one year's rent-free residency in the eBay-Huoju Big Data Innovation Center.

Yunwen, a smart robot developer, has served more than 30,000 enterprises, covering dozens of fields including finance, information technology, hospitality and e-commerce.

The second prize went to Asthma Manager, a project using big data and artificial intelligence to collect outpatients' pathologic data, help evaluate their condition and provide guidance on their treatment. So far, it has cooperated with more than 1,000 hospitals across the country.

The eBay China Development Center vowed that they would give technical instruction to projects moving into the innovation center and support their technology R&D.

The eBay-Huoju Big Data Innovation Center was a result of a cooperation deal signed between the eBay China Development Center and Shanghai Zhangjiang Huoju Innovation Park Investment Development Co in May.

The partnership has proved mutually beneficial, using the technological advantages of industry leader eBay China and the financial firepower of capital firm Zhangjiang Huoju to nurture big data-focused startups and promote the development of the big data industry.

Li Jingye, deputy director of Zhangjiang administrative committee, said at the competition that Zhangjiang now boast various incubators, accelerators and innovation centers, which will provide a better environment for the incubation of start-ups.

Fu Hongyan, chairman of Shanghai Pudong Scientific Innovation Group, parent company of Zhangjiang Huoju, stated that the group will work together with the innovation center to attract more promising start-ups, and that he hoped to nurture “unicorn enterprises”—companies with a market valuation of over $1 billion.