Entrepreneurship training camp opens in Pudong

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2017-07-06


Authorities in Shanghai's Pudong New Area announce the opening of its third Eyas Entrepreneurship Training Camp on July 3. [Photo/Pudong Times]

Shanghai's Pudong New Area started its third Eyas Entrepreneurship Training Camp on July 3, with 48 university students taking part.

Half of the participants are postgraduate students from Peking and Tsinghua universities, while the remaining percentage include students from Shanghai universities who are also winners of various entrepreneurship competitions.

The participants will work as interns, attend professional courses, and visit successful startup firms and large state-owned enterprises in the district.

A total of 14 local companies signed up for this year's program offering internships such as development engineer, sensor measurement and calibration, and satellite big data analysis. The students will be given internships according to their majors.

The month-long camp is designed to help the students broaden their horizons and improve their ability to apply their theoretical knowledge in the real world.

"This training camp has many professional courses on offer and give us opportunities to visit startup firms and state-owned enterprises, which may inspire me a lot," said Lei Ting, a student majoring in mathematics at Shanghai Maritime University.

Sun Wenlin, a postgraduate student from the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University, said, "I have been living in the northern part of China, and Pudong is appealing to me. This camp gives me the opportunity to experience the area and I hope I will work in Pudong in the future."

Since 2015, the camp has attracted a large number of outstanding youngsters to work or start up their own businesses in Pudong.

Local authorities said they are expecting to lure more quality entrepreneurship projects to Pudong and to reserve top-rated and potential professionals for the district via such programs.