Zhangjiang sets up overseas talent workstation

sh-italent.com Updated:2017-06-12

The administrative committee of the Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone set up a Zhangjiang overseas talent workstation on June 6 at Hua Hong International (Americas) Inc., a chipmaking company founded in Shanghai. The workstation in Silicon Village will woo cutting-edge talents, Pudong Times reports.

By acting as a comprehensive exchange platform and window, the workstation assumes such functions as advertising, introducing talents, developing innovative projects and attracting investment.

Specifically, the workstation is designed to garner key foreign industry projects, outstanding startups, entrepreneurs, incubator projects and create a platform to combine science and technology with industry.

The three leading industries of information technology, biological medicine and cultural creativity, and the three emerging industries of artificial intelligence, aerospace support, and low-carbon environmental protection are the focus of the workstation.

In recent years, Zhangjiang has become a venue for returnees who rely on its advantageous policies, capital and technology. According to the administrative committee, the workstation will help to promote talent introduction schemes for Zhangjiang in overseas countries.

Zhangjiang will set up an overseas talent workstation in Beer Sheva, Israel, with Boston and Finland to follow.

A project appraisal system has been established to quantify the specific requirements of talents and project introductions and to give full play to the workstation.


Zhangjiang opens an overseas talent workstation in Sillicon Valley, US on June 6. [Photo/jfdaily.com]