Blooming begonias adorn Ningyang county

( Updated: 2022-04-15

Begonia flowers are in full bloom in a garden in Ningyang county, Tai'an, Shandong province.

A sea of flowers depicts a picture of vibrant spring with the fragrance of blossoms filled in the air.


The begonia flowers in Ningyang county, Tai'an, are in full bloom, creating a romantic ambience. [Photo by Shi Zhifei/provided to]


Bright sunlight adds radiance to begonia blossoms in Ningyang county, Tai'an. [Photo by Shi Zhifei/provided to]


Atop a stretching branch stands countless begonia flowers. Some are in full bloom, while some are still flower buds waiting to bloom. [Photo by Shi Zhifei/provided to]


Some begonias are in pure jade-like white color, exuding elegance. [Photo by Shi Zhifei/provided to]