Voices from Orleans


Look at what people from Orleans say about Yangzhou when visiting the city.

Standardization cooperation gains momentum in tourism between Yangzhou and Orleans


Three tourist routes in Yangzhou targeting visitors from France and all European countries were released during a seminar on Sino-French cooperation on tourism.

Yangzhou, Orleans win award for mutual cooperation in tourism


Yangzhou and Orleans were awarded during the sixth China-France Local Government High-level Cooperation Forum.

Editor’s Note

Orleans and Yangzhou, one in central France and one in East China, enjoy a lot of similarities as the two cities are both tourist hotspots and historic river cities. In November 2015, Orleans and Yangzhou signed a contract to cooperate in tourism, carrying out standardization cooperation in mutual tourism development.

Travel agencies in Yangzhou offer inbound tourism

Slender West Lake

Huaiyang cuisine

Geyuan Garden

Yangzhou Museum

Statue of Saint Joan of Arc

Loire River


Orleans Cathedral

The House of Joan of Arc

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