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Voices from Orleans

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"More communication in various forms in areas such as the economy, tourism, culture and education will be carried out, especially in major projects, to promote the mutual development of Yangzhou and Orleans."

Carre Oliver, mayor of Orleans, during a visit to Yangzhou


Carre Oliver, mayor of Orleans, visits a Yangzhou company in Hanjiang district in April 2018. [Photo/yangzhou.gov.cn]

"It's my second time visiting Yangzhou. I feel privileged to be here, as I enjoy its beauty and the hospitality of its people."

Martine Grivot, vice-mayor of Orleans, during a visit to Yangzhou in April 2018

"We are really excited to bring this concert to an audience in Yangzhou, and it's the first communication in music between Orleans and Yangzhou."

Garibaldi Plop, a prestigious French jazz band created by Roberto Negro, an Italian pianist, after performing in Yangzhou in September 2018

"I'm surprised by the beauty of Yangzhou, and Yangzhou people are very friendly. During my visit, I could feel that people here live in harmony with nature and I can see the happiness in people's faces. My next book will focus on Yangzhou to promote this city to people all over the world."

Alexandre Moix, children's literature writer and documentarian from Orleans


Alexandre Moix meets his readers during a visit to Yangzhou in April 2018. [Photo from Yangzhou Tourism Bureau]

"I've fell in love with Yangzhou's delicacies, scenery and culture. Dining is the most direct way to experience local customs and Yangzhou enjoys a deep dining culture with large market potential. We are planning to open a French restaurant with original flavors in Yangzhou."

Philippe Bardau, a chef with two Michelin stars and the owner of Le Lift, a French restaurant in Orleans


Philippe Bardau showcases French cooking techniques in Yangzhou. [Photo/yznews.com]

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