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Slender West Lake

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Slender West Lake Scenic Area [Photo/VCG]

Located in the north of Yangzhou city, Slender West Lake scenic area spans about 100 hectares. It was named a national key scenic spot in 1988 and a national 5A-level tourist zone in 2010. It was the first 5A-level tourist zone in Yangzhou.

Slender West Lake is dotted with Suzhou-style gardens and amazes visitors with its graceful natural beauty and architecture. The layout was formed during the reigns of emperors Kangxi and Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

It is also known nationwide for its narrow and meandering waterways that connect gardens, bridges and the area's numerous picturesque spots.


Diaoyu (Fishing) Pavilion is the only place where visitors have to retrace their steps when touring Slender West Lake. [Photo/seeyangzhou.com]


Wuting Qiao (Five-Pavilion Bridge) is a landmark in Slender West Lake and a symbol of Yangzhou city. [Photo/seeyangzhou.com]

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