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Travel agencies in Yangzhou offer inbound tourism

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Yangzhou, as a historic city with a great reputation both at home and abroad, saw decent growth in the first half of 2018.

In that period, Yangzhou received 35,948 international visitors with a year-on-year growth of 27.3 percent, according to statistics released by Yangzhou Municipal Statistics Bureau in August 2018. 

Here is a list of travel agencies in Yangzhou offering inbound tourism.

扬州中国国际旅行社 (Yangzhou Zhongguo Guoji Lyuxingshe)

Yangzhou China International Travel Service Co Ltd (YZ CITS)

China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office (abbreviated to CITS) was founded in 1954. Through its 62 years of development, CITS has bloomed from a foreign affairs reception unit in its early stage under the State Council into a large State-owned key enterprise group integrating all inclusive services in the travel industry.

For decades, it has sustained a high reputation in the international tourism market by continually offering quality service and developing new products, fully demonstrating its role as a leading enterprise in China's tourism industry.

Yangzhou China International Travel Service Co Ltd, which was set up in 1976, is one of the most famous travel agencies in the area, mainly managing tourism and ticket businesses.

The travel agency has the qualification of offering inbound tourism for international visitors and has served 80 percent of the international visitors to Yangzhou since 1980, contributing a lot to the development of Yangzhou tourism on the global stage.

It enjoys a good reputation in Yangzhou, offering reasonable prices, thoughtful service and distinctive tourism routes.

Five branches are available in Yangzhou's Guangling district, Jiangdu district and Hanjiang district.

Official website for inbound tourism: http://www.cits.net/


Two international students showcase their works made by the woodblock printing technique. [Photo/VCG]

扬州中国青年旅行社 (Yangzhou Zhongguo Qingnian Lyuxingshe)

Yangzhou China Youth Travel Service Co Ltd

China CYTS Tours Holding Co Ltd (CYTS), one of the top tour operators in China since 1980, has a wholly owned business, China Travel Depot, which is a professional destination service provider specializing in China travel.

Yangzhou China Youth Travel Service Co Ltd, the city's CYTS branch, was founded in 1985. It has the ability to run inbound tourism approved by the former China National Tourism Administration.

The prices of tourist routes offered by the travel agency are guaranteed with great discounts and real-time price offers

Official website: http://www.chinatraveldepot.com/

Address: 525 Wenchang West Road, Guangling district, Yangzhou

Tel: +86-514-87933876

E-mail: 377012438@qq.com

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An international visitor experiences a traditional Chinese instrument in Yangzhou. [Photo/VCG] 

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