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Standardization cooperation gains momentum in tourism between Yangzhou and Orleans

Updated: Dec 28, 2018 govt.chinadaily.com.cn Print

A seminar on Sino-French cooperation on tourism was held at Yangzhou, Dec 15, 2018 releasing three tourist routes in Yangzhou targeting visitors from France and all European countries.

According to the memorandum of cooperation signed between standardization administrations of China and France, Yangzhou and Orleans were chosen to carry out standardization cooperation on tourism and discuss new international tourism standards.

One-day and two-day tour routes launched by Yangzhou Tour Center and Yangzhou China Youth Travel Service Co Ltd covered representative scenic areas such as Slender West Lake and Dongguan Street, and offered visitors opportunities to try Yangzhou culture and Huaiyang dishes such as Yangzhou fried rice and braised shredded chicken with ham and dried tofu.

The six-day tour, showcasing traditional Jiangnan (regions south of the Yangtze River) style, added Suzhou, Wuzhen, Jiaxing and Shanghai to the Yangzhou tour. 

"Small adjustments will be made after collecting the opinions of French students and visitors to attract more Europeans to visit Yangzhou,"said an official from Yangzhou Tourism Bureau.

The French version of Yangzhou Tourism Guide also sought people's opinions during the seminar to make sure the guide appeals to French visitors. The guide was expected to be released by the end of 2018.

"The writing of the French version started this April," said the official. "It's more than a French translated version, but a description of Yangzhou from the perspective of native French people designed to attract more French visitors."

More standardization cooperation will be carried out in six aspects, including construction and management of city parks, sustainable development of local tourism and the protection and development of historical cultural heritage.

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