Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province

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Population: 4,508,200 (2017) 

Area: 6,591 square kilometers 

Location: east part of the Chinese mainland and middle of Jiangsu province  


Yangzhou is getting momentum to develop its economic strength in automotive, machinery, IT, tourism, construction, and food industries. 

In 2017, Yangzhou recorded GDP of 506.5 billion yuan ($80.3 billion), a growth rate of 8.0 percent. Such increase was sustained due to the city's continuous optimization of industrial structure, with the industrial economy surpassing its transformational pace, service industry accelerating quickly, and modern agriculture maintaining steady progress. 

Administrative divisions 

Yangzhou city governs two county-level cities – Yizheng and Gaoyou, one county – Baoying county, and three districts - Guangling district, Hanjiang district and Jiangdu district. 

Sister cities

International Sister CitiesDate SignedInternational Sister CitiesDate SignedInternational Sister CitiesDate Signed
Karatsu, JapanFeb 22, 1982Atsugi, JapanOct 23, 1984Kent City, U.S.AApril 8, 1994
Westport, U.S.AJune 5, 1995Offenbach, GermanyMay 6, 1997Yangon, MyanmarJuly 8, 1997
Rimini, ItalyMarch 16, 1999Southen Grampians Shire, AustraliaSept 25, 1999Yongin, South KoreaMay 10, 2000
Goulburn, AustraliaNov 21, 2000Stanford, U.S.ASept 28, 2003Bree, BelgiumJune 1, 2006
Attleboro, U.S.AMay 18, 2007Balashikha, RussiaOct 30, 2008Gyeongju, South KoreaNov 24, 2008
Breda, NetherlandsApril 19, 2009Korcula, CroatiaApril 16, 2010Nara, JapanMay 23, 2010
Colchester, U.K.Sept 29, 2015Ballarat, AustraliaSept 30, 2015Konya, TurkeyDec 23, 2015
Luxor, EgyptJan 26, 2018

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