Xiamen, Fujian Province



The typical Xiamen tour includes Gulangyu, Nanputuo Temple, Hulishan Fortress, Shuzhuang Garden, Xiamen Botanical Gardens and Haicang Bridge Scenic Zone.


With 167 air routes from Xiamen to 84 cities on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan, R.O.K, U.S. and Europe, Xiamen International is the regional hub airport in East China.


The typical Xiamen food includes oyster omelet, misua paste, hot meat dumplings, fried five spice, noodles with satay sause and spring roll.


SM City Square is located at No 468, Jiahe Road, Huli district, the center of Xiamen’s downtown area and business hub.

Travel agencies

Many travel agencies can be chosen in Xiamen for travelers who want to get better service.


Xiamen offers a wide range of accommodation - from the cheapest to deluxe 5 star hotels.

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