Wuxi, Jiangsu Province



The typical Wuxi scenery spots include Lingshan Mountain, Yuantouzhu Island, Wuxi MovieTV Base, Donglin Academy, Sea of Bamboo in Yixing and Plum Garden Hengshan Scenic Area.


Wuxi enjoys convenient transportation due to the high speed rail stations and the Sunan Shuofang International Airport, which make the business and trips within easy reach.


Wuxi has delicious food with a uniqueness of Suzhou-Wuxi-style cuisine. The feature of Suzhou-Wuxi-style dishes is their natural flavor in original stock and a mixture of salty and sweet taste.


Typical shopping malls in Wuxi include Wuxi Grand Orient Department Store, Wuxi Ikea Department Store, Wuxi Sanyang Parkson Plaza, Hang Lung Plaza and Wuxi Coastal City.

Travel Agencies

Wuxi's travel agencies include Wuxi China Youth Travel Service Co Ltd, Wuxi Sunshine International Travel Service Co Ltd and China Travel International (Wuxi) Service.


Wuxi offers a wide range of accommodation - from the cheapest guest houses to award-winning deluxe 5 star hotels.

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