Shenzhen, Guangdong province



Because of the short history, Shenzhen has created a number of excellent theme parks which entertain while teaching visitors about China and the world.


Shenzhen is a city with very convenient transportation. The expressways linking Shenzhen with Guangzhou and Zhuhai have been opened to traffic.


Before you start exploring the amazing city of Shenzhen, make sure that you have booked a hotel. Here is the information of some of Shenzhen's best hotels.


Shenzhen's gastronomic delicacies are a reflection of its population - a smorgasbord of authentic cuisines from the provinces of China.


Shenzhen has a good selection of stores and shopping centers, where basic commodities and high-quality brands can be found.

Travel Agencies

Travelers in Shenzhen are able to choose travel agencies as they need.

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