Jilin Province



Typical attractions in Jilin province includes Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park, Liuding Mountain, Changbai Mountain and World Sculpture Park.


To promote international trade and tourism industry, several new airports, railways and expressways have been built or under construction in recent years.


Jilin province, NE China, covers a vast of land which holds rich resources. Its cuisine, also known as "Jilin cuisine" is made of various local food, which is popular all over China.


Being the capital of Jilin province and one of the most prosperous cities in Jilin province, Changchun has many large scale shopping malls which offer people various kinds of services including shopping, dining, living and entertaining.

Travel agencies

Travel agencies in Jilin province offer travelers service including tour line consultation and guidance.


Jilin province has a large number of hotels for tourists to choose.

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