Jilin Province


Liuding Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone

Liuding Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone, located in the southern suburbs of Dunhua, Jilin province, covers an area of 52 square kilometers and is one of the most popular cultural tourism zones in Jilin province.

Mao’er Mountain National Forest Park

Mao'er Mountain National Forest Park, located in Yanji in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin province, is the city's most popular scenic spot.

Wulajie Manchu Town

Wulajie Manchu Town, a small town 15 kilometers from downtown Jilin city, is renowned for its unique ethnic culture and beautiful rime scenery.

Binghu Valley Scenic Spot

The Binghu Valley Scenic Spot is hidden in a dense forest that lies 35 kilometers away from downtown Jiaohe and 45 kilometers outside of Jilin city.

Momoge National Nature Reserve

The Momoge National Nature Reserv is a typical wetland type of protection zone and a main stop for migrant birds in Northern China each spring and autumn.

Xianghai Nature Reserve

Xianghai Nature Reserve in Tongyu county of Jilin province is a famed national-level nature reserve and home to red-crowned cranes. The sight of cranes dancing with the floating clouds is mesmerizing.

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