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Jilin delegation visits Japan to boost ties

Updated: May 30, 2019 chinadaily.com.cn Print


A delegation led by Jing Junhai (back row, middle), governor of Jilin province, visits Japan onfrom May 26 to 28, to further commercial cooperation between the two places. [Photo by Zou Naishuo/Jilin Daily]

A delegation led by Jing Junhai, governor of Northeast China's Jilin province, visited Japan from May 26 to 28, to boost ties and commerce between two places.

They visited Tokyo and Hiroshima, where representatives from Jilin province and top Japanese companies attended symposiums to discuss deepening cooperation.

During a symposium in Tokyo, Jing said that his province had always attached great importance to commerce with Japan, and over the recent years Japanese companies has helped provide a lot of economic growth for Jilin.

Jing added that it was hoped more Japanese companies would invest in Jilin, in areas such as culture, tourism and trade. He also invited Japanese entrepreneurs to attend the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo, which will be held in Changchun in August this year.

During the three-day visit, commercial agreements in fields such as biomedicines, healthcare, hydrogen cell production, and intelligent network technology were signed.

Among the raft of deals, Japanese firm Marubeni Corporation said it planned to invest 3 billion yuan ($434.08 million) in Jilin province, to build commercial complexes and a high quality old-age care project.

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