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Jilin delegation visits UK to further cooperation

Updated: May 30, 2019 chinadaily.com.cn Print


Representatives from Northeast China's Jilin province sign cooperation agreements with the United Kingdom during the Jilin delegation's visit to the UK from May 22 to 25. [Photo by Zou Naishuo/Jilin Daily]

A delegation led by Jing Junhai, governor of Northeast China's Jilin province, visited the United Kingdom from May 22 to 25 to further cooperation.

The two parties held a meeting on economics and trade during the delegation's visit.

Jing said at the meeting that it was a great time for Jilin province and the UK to strengthen cooperation as China and the UK are currently in the process of strengthening their relationship.

Jilin is an ideal place for investment as it is rapidly developing in a number of key industries, including the advanced equipment manufacturing and modern agriculture industries, Jing added. He expressed hope that more UK companies would invest and establish operations in Jilin.

The Jilin delegation participated in several economic and trade activities during their four-day visit, discussing cooperation with UK entrepreneurs.

During their visit, representatives from Jilin province signed several cooperation agreements with British companies involved in things like automobiles, ice and snow sports, tourism, and pets.


Jing Junhai gives a speech during the economic and trade exchange meeting between Northeast China's Jilin province and the UK on May 23. [Photo by Zou Naishuo/Jilin Daily]


Jing Junhai (L) talks with the executive director of the China-Britain Business Council in London on May 24. [Photo by Zou Naishuo/Jilin Daily]

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