Beijing, Capital of China

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Tian’anmen Square

With total area of 440,000 square meters (880-m-long and 500-m-wide), the Tian'anmen Square, located in the center of Beijing, is the largest of its kind.

Palace Museum

The Palace Museum, former home to the 24 Ming and Qing emperors, is also known as the Forbidden City. In 2016, a record 16 million people explored the vast museum.

Summer Palace

Originally named Qingyi Yuan or the Garden of Clear Ripples, it features a variety of palaces, gardens and other ancient-style architectural structures.

Yuanmingyuan Garden

The Ruins of the Yuanmingyuan, also known as the Garden of Perfection and Brightness, is located northwest of Beijing and east of the Summer Palace.

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is a masterpiece of royal sacrificial buildings complexes and one of the best symbolic illustrations of Chinese cosmology.

Badaling Great Wall

The Badaling Great Wall is located in the northwest of Beijing, and it's a pass of Jundu Mountain. It extends in all directions, therefore termed Badaling.

Qianmen Street

Qianmen Street, no more than 2 km long, has been a prosperous area for more than 600 years and has accumulated some China's Time-honored Brands.

Xiangshan Park (Fragrant Hills)

Xiangshan Park is located on the eastern sides of the Western Hills, approximately 10 kilometers to the west of Beijing.

Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs, which form a group of mausoleums, are those of 13 emperors in the Ming Dynasty. They cover an area of about 120 square kilometers.

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