Maling River Gorge: the world's 'most beautiful scar'

Updated: 2017-08-18

The Maling River Gorge Scenic Spot was among the third group of national key scenic spots approved by the State Council in 1994. 

Located in Xingyi, Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture, the scenic spot covers 450 square kilometers along the mountains at the junction of Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces. 

It has a great number of human antiquities, a profound ethnic charm and a warm and humid climate with annual average temperature at 15 C to 18 C.

Maling River Gorge is about 74.8 kilometers long, 50 to 150 meters wide and 120 to 280 meters deep. The bottom of the valley is 200 meters below ground level. It is called the "most beautiful scar in the world".

Plank roads with a total length of 26 meters have been built along the cliff face for people to pass through and enjoy the picturesque rocks and plunging waterfalls. 

Maling River Gorge is one of the top 10 river boating destinations in China, and the birthplace of Chinese whitewater kayaking. The gorge hosted China's first International Whitewater Kayaking Competition on April 12, 1998.

Drifting along Maling River Gorge and passing over the dangerous shoals, pools and bays is really exciting and lures many visitors every year.