Resonant Sand Gorge

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Resonant Sand Gorge, National 5A-level Tourist Attraction, is an integrated desert leisure scenic area featuring sightseeing and leisure and demonstration base of Chinese cultural industry. It is divided into Liansha Resort Island, Fusha Resort Island, A-sand Resort Village, Yuesha Resort Island, and Xiansha Resort Island.


Resort Island is a place where people can really relax. The huge lotus hotel on the island is a green and eco-friendly architecture built without any brick, tile, sand, stone, cement and steel. On Fusha Resort Island, visitors can enjoy the pleasure of the nomadic people. It can be very enjoyable just closing your eyes, lying under the blue sky, and relaxing on the Mongolian canopy in the breeze. A-sand Resort Village is separated from the desert by a river. Hantai river flows down the east side of the mountain, passing by the doors of hotel rooms. On the other side of the mountain is the vast sand sea, where visitors can experience water yoga, water aerobics or participate in swimming competitions. On Yuesha Resort Island, visitors can experience pleasure brought by art and sports by practicing artistic gymnastics, aerobics, hip-hop, beach volleyball etc., enjoying or participating in the performances of actors and actresses, or playing in the world of desert and water. On Xiansha Resort Island, visitors can experience a lot of exciting activities such as desert adventure, air cable, surfing and swing, and track bike. You can also enjoy a variety of acrobatic performances.

Ticket: 80 yuan per person

Telephone: 400-878-5550