Malan Prairie

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Standing 45.9 meters tall, the Prairie Qiate theater covers 12,000 square meters. It is considered  one of the most high-end theaters in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. It has now turned into a landmark on the Malan Prairie as well as in Inner Mongolia. [Photo/nmglyw.com]

Located in Otog Front Banner, Ordos, Malan Prairie is close to the Great Wall of China and the Yellow River.

Covering 10 square kilometers, the tourist area offers not only typical grassland landscapes, but also a wide range of Mongolian cultural services. It has now turned into an all-round platform integrating natural scenery, entertainment and culture.


An Ordos wedding ceremony was listed in the first batch of cultural heritage by the State Council in 2006. The history of Ordos weddings can be traced back 700 years, and the tradition has been well preserved. Visitors can enjoy a performance of one of the ceremonies at the Prairie Qiate theater. [Photo/nmglyw.com]

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