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Helan county

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : March 9, 2022

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Helan county is located in the north of Yinchuan city. [Photo/nxhl.gov.cn]

Helan county is located in the north of Yinchuan city. It borders Xingqing district in the south, Alshaa Right Banner of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region to the west, Pingluo county of Shizuishan city to the north, and faces Pingluo county of Shizuishan city to the east. The total area reaches 1,204.71 square kilometers. It has a total population of 341,507 and a rural population of 119,437.

Helan county has jurisdiction over four towns, one township, two farms, 66 administrative villages, one sub-district office and 15 community residents committees.

In recent years, Helan county has been rated as one of the top 100 counties in western China, one of the top 100 counties in small and medium-sized cities, and an advanced county in economic and scientific development. It has won 21 honors such as national cultural advanced county, national garden county, and civilized county in the autonomous region.

In recent years, Helan county has established three development platforms: Helan Industrial Park, Yinchuan Military-Civilian Integration Industrial Park and National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park.

Its service industry, represented by Ningzhe E-commerce Pioneer Park, integrates people's livelihood service, e-commerce platform, warehousing and logistics, and online transactions and offline experiences, making "Internet plus real economy" development a further step forward.

Helan county is at the forefront in promoting agricultural standardization and modernization, and its comprehensive grain production capacity remains stable. Haoyu linseed oil and Huanghe rice have been appraised as Ningxia's high-quality agricultural products, and Zhongdi Dairy ranks among the top 20 dairy enterprises in China.

The core area of the wine culture corridor at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain is known as "Oriental Bordeaux". The quality and taste of wine are highly praised by consumers. Helan is a national demonstration county for leisure agriculture and rural tourism, receiving 2.85 million tourists throughout the year.