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Hai'an company provides stable egg supply to Yangtze River Delta region


Updated: 2020-02-14


Workers at Hai'an Tingting Agricultural Products Co are busy packing eggs. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

Hai'an Tingting Agricultural Products Co is using the latest equipment to deliver around 50 metric tons of eggs to over 1,000 supermarkets in the Yangtze River Delta region every day. 

About 200 employees are currently busy working every day for Hai'an Tingting. Ten procedures are taken before delivery, including cleaning, disinfecting, selecting and packing. 

"We strive to guarantee an abundant supply of high quality eggs," said Cao Jiasheng, chairman of the company. "To strengthen people's immunity is our way to contribute to the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus." 

The company also purchases eggs from local farmers and cooperatives at a good price, as local farmers have difficulties selling eggs due to transport problems. This relieves the pressure on farmers and helps the company meet growing demand. 

"We should take on more responsibilities as a big company, and local farmers should be encouraged and protected during the fight against the virus," Cao said. 

The local government has adopted several measures and opened a green channel to enhance the supply and help with the sale of agricultural products.