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Fishing festival welcomes Spring Festival in Hai'an


Updated: 2020-01-19

The 9th Lixia River Fishing Festival was held on Jan 18 in Hai'an, a county-level city in Nantong, Jiangsu province, attracting thousands of people.

The fishing area at the festival covered an area of about 10 mu (0.67 hectares), and more than 10 fishermen worked together to trap fish in a net.

The weather was cold, but the fishermen were giddy with excitement about the harvest. The sight of people fishing was fascinating to passersby – as was the auctioning off of the largest fish that was caught. 

A black carp weighing 33.4 kilograms, a yellow cheek carp weighing 31.5 kg, and a silver carp weighing 9.4 kg were listed as the three largest fish at the festival. The black carp was ultimately sold for a price of 26,680 yuan ($3,890) at the auction.


An auction is held during the 9th Lixia River Fishing Festival held in Hai'an on Jan 18 to sell the largest fish caught at the festival. [Photo/sipaphoto.com]

Street performances were also held during the festival, including the dragon dance, waist drumming, and more. 

In addition, a total of 666 baby fish were placed into Xibo Lake to ensure the continued survival of fish in the lake. 

Agreements relating to a fishing base and an ingredient supply base in the Lixia River region were also signed during the festival.

The fishing festival has played a significant role in promoting rural tourism, folk culture, and traditional villages in Hai'an, according to Peng Xiaohong, deputy mayor of Hai'an.

The custom of using fishing events to welcome the Spring Festival in the Lixia River region dates back to over 100 years ago, and the tradition has continued to change and adapt over the years. 

The annual output of fish in the region is estimated to exceed 3,100 metric tons, and the output value of the fishing industry is around 130 million yuan.