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Intl stone materials exhibition held in Hai'an


Updated: 2019-12-12

The fourth China Hai'an International Stone Materials Exhibition was held on Dec 10 in Binhai New Area in Hai'an, Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province. It was attended by a number of association representatives and government officials.

More than 120 famous stone material enterprises from both China and abroad took part in the exhibition and showcased home decoration stones, artificial stones, stone machines, and more.

Zhou Zongquan, director of the standing committee of the Hai'an people's congress, said that the exhibition and forum serve as an essential platform for trade and cultural exchange and an important bridge for cooperation.

The concept of connecting enterprises with the rest of the world through stone materials is expected to help drive high-quality development in Hai'an.

Binhai New Area in Hai'an is the center of the stone materials industry, and it is hoped that  enterprises there will work to create more innovative products and improve their artistic, ornamental, and practical value.

The government will continue supporting the local stone materials industry and create a more favorable business environment with the goal of turning it into one of Hai'an's main industries, Zhou added.

Forums and meetings on stone materials, real estate, and decoration design industries were also held that same day.